We know that it can be a hassle to research, compare prices, and ultimately purchase the right software to fit your business needs. To get you the best deals and to simplify the buying process, we’ve partnered with a variety of software companies known for their high standards and accountability.

Let Urban IT help you acquire new software products that will fit the needs of your company.

Urban IT offers software sales, installation, and/or management for:
  • Office Productivity Software
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Acrobat/Illustrator/Photoshop
    • QuickBooks Desktop & Online Solutions
    • Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Suites
    • Thomson Reuters Firm & Practice Management Solutions
    • Compulaw & Vision Packages
    • Legal Solutions
    • And so many more…
  • Enterprise Level Antivirus
  • Remote Access Software
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Firewall & Gateway Security Software


Our Commitment To You

At Urban IT our mission is to create lasting and rewarding relationships built on the quality of our work and our unwavering dedication to each of our clients. We’ll never take shortcuts to complete jobs quickly at the expense of postponing larger future issues. We will eagerly meet your tough deadlines, but what another company might call “a wrap,” we call the beginning.

The right way for the long term solution

At the forefront of our minds on any project is cost efficiency ­­ not for us, but for our clients. We’ll offer the best solutions to meet your budget, keeping in mind your long­term planning.

Quick results and open communication

Our team is always available to you by email or phone so you can get results when you need them. Our quick response policy will save you time, money, and get you the most immediate fix.

Confidentiality, privacy, peace of mind

In a day and age when even the most powerful companies can have their most private information hacked, Urban IT deeply understands the need for security and privacy. Our lips are sealed, and your information is safe with one of the best protection programs available in the marketplace.

Outstanding work

We have the work ethic, knowledge and experience to to provide you with the best IT solutions. Our team at Urban IT will not only meet your needs, we’ll exceed them.